Best False Eyelash Glues Reviews in 2021

Creating a dramatic eye look for a date night or a special event is made easy because of false eyelashes. But for such a strong eye makeup game, you need a strong false eyelash glue that will make sure the fakes stay in place. Many people make the common mistake of paying all the attention to picking the false eyelashes and give zero attention when it comes to picking the glue. As a result, half-way through the date, they are in the bathroom staring in the mirror and wondering where one of the fake lashes went. And let’s just not talk about the time everyone could see the white glue line on our eyelids. So, to make sure nobody has to deal with this nightmare ever again, here are the review of the top 3 best false eyelash glues of 2017:

3. Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

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The prime ingredients of this amazing clear fake lashes glue by Ardell are water and latex. Compared to other types of glue, latex-based glue is known for holding the false eyelashes in place for a long time. According to many users, their fake lashes lasted for 8-10 hours which is quite impressive. One thing that is great about this glue is that a little goes a long way. Just a very thin line of glue can get the job done. The glue takes around 20-30 seconds to set, making it a fast drying glue. The glue is also quite gentle as well, meaning you can take it off with makeup remover and a little tug. So, you can wear the lashes for more than 5-6 times with this glue. Even though it comes out white, it dries clear and no one can tell that you are wearing fakes. The white residue is the biggest problem with most white eyelashes glues (that dries clear). Ardell has taken into consideration this very problem and formulated this glue in such a way so it does not leave the annoying white residue. Another amazing thing about this lash glue from Ardell is that is quite affordable.

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2. Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive 0.17 fl oz

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This second placeholder is from Revlon, and this is proof enough that this glue will not disappoint as Revlon is at the top of their game. What is quite unique about this glue is that it is one of those few latex-free products that can get the job done. This fake lash glue happens to be waterproof making it a great one to use for pool parties, day dates or other such situation that involves water and/or sweating. The packing besides being cute is quite convenient as it is not a tube. So, you have full control on how much glue you are putting on the fake lashes and aids in a mess-free application. This one dries super-fast; 10-20 seconds and you are done! According to different users, it is safe to say that the glue can hold the fake eyelashes for an impressive 10-15 hours and there will be zero lifting. The product dries clear and does not have that funky chemical smell like most of the eyelashes glue which is definitely a great plus point. Taking it off is quite easy; it is recommended to just give it a tug at the end of the day. You can clean your eyes after that with makeup remover or face wash.

1. Duo Lash Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

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Drumroll for the number one fake eyelashes glue! The duo claimed that this particular clear eyelash glue happens to be world’s bestselling adhesive and they are not wrong! From celebrity makeup artist to runway models to makeup junkies; everyone prefers this one. This formula works on all lashes, but they work wondrously with strip fake eyelashes. No white residue and dries clear after application, making it a great glue which will make the fake look real. This waterproof latex-based glue is strong and gentle at the same time. So, expect the lashes to stay in place for all day even if you are planning to spend all day in a water theme park. But, when it comes to taking off the fake lashes it will come off easily with a bit of makeup remover and a light tug without hurting the fake lashes and your eyelids. According to the many users, this glue helps the lashes to stay on for 12-18 hours easily and you can reuse the fake lashes for at least 14 times more. With just a small quality of this glue and 10-20 seconds time for drying, you can achieve a bold eye makeup look every day.