Top 5 Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews in 2021

Cooking over the years has seen tremendous changes, compared to many years ago is no longer a messy affair. A number of people increasingly prefer energy efficient cooktops instead of the conventional cooking methods. An energy efficient cooktop would help in keeping the cost of energy low. Apart from that, people are also looking for portable cooktops which are ideal for use at any event as transportation does not become a hindrance. Furthermore, we want to use cooktops that are easy to clean, creates the minimum mess possible when you are cooking. If you consider all of these issues then the portable induction cooktop becomes the answer.

Tips for Buying the Best Portable Induction Cooktops

When you want to buy the best portable induction cooktop what you will realize is that there are very many options available. The presence of these many options of portable induction cooktops often presents a challenge. Consequently, here are some of the qualities that you should consider.

  • Countertop space. The countertop width together with the existing cooking space is an important factor that must be considered. Usually, our houses have installed conventional gas burner which often occupies a lot of the countertop space. Remodeling of the countertop may even be necessary for a situation that you prefer to have an in-built induction unit. With regards to portable induction cooktops, you will be able to easily adjust them in accordance with your countertop.
  • Safety features. The best portable induction cooktop often has the most robust safety features incorporated. Some of the safety features may include child locks and a pause button.
  • Design. The design of the best portable induction cooktop should be in a way that it is able to appear good on your countertop. It should not take a lot of space. Also, the design should be intuitive.
  • Having seen and understood some of the tips that you need to be able to keep in mind to be able to buy the best portable induction cooktop, consequently here are some of the top ones that you may find interesting.

5. Gourmia GIC-100

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Compared to its competitors, this cooktop model is affordable while still being able to offer other benefits including that it is durable and able to offer a great cooking power. The limitation of Gourmia GIC-100 is that recognizing of small pans and cookware is a problem.

  • Easy to clean as the surface is built to be able to resist spills
  • 8 power levels for precise cooking and also 8 temperature settings.
  • Energy efficient compared to a conventional electric stove or gas.

4. Chef’s Star Burner

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The cooktop model which is affordable is compatible with a number of magnetic metal cookware like cast iron and stainless steel. For that reason there is no need for you to purchase new items, saves you cash. Moreover, Chef’s Star Burner temperature readings are very precise and that helps you in avoiding possible mistakes.

  • Strong power cord
  • Very little noise is produced when cooking
  • Fairly intuitive controls
  • Equipped with safety features

3. NuWave Precision 30101

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The cooktop has a compact and portable design and thus would be very suitable for you if you are planning a trip and you are planning to cook. Just like an RV will be good for your transportation, the NuWave Precision 30101 is perfect for cooking and will be great for cooking in an RV. In terms of the controls, they are intuitive and accessible which makes the cooktop easy to use.

  • Energy efficient
  • Helpful instructions provided
  • A nonstick saucepan that is free is provided
  • State of the art safety features including an automatic shut-off
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2. Max Burton 6400

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The cooktop’s design incorporated programmable timer and therefore the Max Burton 6400 is suitable if you happen to be an enthusiast of a cooking that involves set and forget. The timer is able to last up to 3 hours. Furthermore, the cooktop model has an LCD screen which makes it possible for you to be able to see the current heat setting selected and also to see the remaining minutes. Some other features and functions include:

  • Large induction coil
  • Precise thermometer
  • Powerful temperature control

1. Duxtop LCD 9600LS

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The portable induction cooktop model comes with digital touch controls that are very easy to understand, you will only take a couple of seconds. The cooktop also has buttons designed for warming and fast boiling functions/purposes. There is also a pan detection system that by design will switch off the unit when it is not in operation. Other helpful features include:

  • Child safety lock system
  • 20 temperature ranges
  • compact and lightweight

In conclusion, you would have realized that the best portable induction cooktops presented above are similar in a number of things such as being energy efficient and being easy to clean. But there are also differences in terms of their other functions and features and price.