Top 10 Gifts for College Graduates in 2021

If you are thinking of giving a gift to a friend or family member who is graduating from college, you may be a bit overwhelmed about the different options to choose from. Moreover, you want that gift to be something that is not only useful and relevant, but it must be suitable for the person, as well. When you are out of any bright ideas to give, then this roundup of the top 10 gifts for college graduates will surely come in handy. These are some of the best items that most college graduates need and want to have for themselves.

10. Home Furnishing or Appliance

A college grad’s first apartment (not anymore a dorm or college apartment) is perhaps one of the best things to look forward to. What’s more, it can be quite fun to decorate it with essential things, so maybe you might want to give a functional household appliance or furniture as a present. With so many expenses from studying in college, grads barely have enough budget to purchase even a simple furniture. If you have the budget for it, maybe you can surprise your child or favorite relative with an appliance or furnishing that will be a great addition to his solo pad. Just make sure it is something that will fit in the apartment perfectly.

9. Travel Accessories

Many college grads are planning to go backpacking to their dream vacation spots as a way of celebrating their most-cherished freedom from the stressful university life. Hence, travel accessories will make the finest presents for these adventurous college grads who can’t wait to explore the world on their own. Excellent ideas include a personalized bag tag, travel journal, passport holder, or a nice backpack to bring along for an exciting trip. If you want to give something inspirational that makes a fine companion during their travels, then a humorous or heart-warming pocketbook can be a fantastic gift option, as well.

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8. Gift cards

It is not surprising that so many college grads worry about their finances, considering the massive expenses linked with getting and completing post-secondary studies. Thus, you may want to give a gift card for a graduation present to help out a financially unstable newly-grad during his post-school year. Make sure you choose a gift card that can be used to buy essential items and is accepted by several merchants across the country. You can choose from a number of categories for gift cards such as food, apparel, furniture, and gas, among several others.

7. Job interview outfit

Suits and ties can be overkill in a few places, well, unless the college grad resides in a posh city and looks for a big-time management position. Furthermore, most employers prefer applicants to wear something more casual during a job interview. Men, for instance, should don a simple dress shirt or buttoned shirt, pants, a matching tie and a good pair of shoes. If the weather permits, a sports coat can enhance this style quite well. Women who are going on a job interview, on the other hand, will need a blouse and skirt with classic pumps to complete the professional look. It will also look great if she wears a coordinated jacket that suits her outfit just fine.

6. Briefcase

Messenger bags and backpacks are great for travels or for toting a bunch of school items. However, college grads will need a more formal bag that will go perfectly with their polished, grownup look. In addition, these grads can have a better chance of getting a job when they show up during an interview in a sophisticated manner. So, a basic briefcase that has all the essential compartments will make the best gift for a college grad. There should be enough room for a resume binder, laptop, files, and a few more spaces for personal items.

5. Laptop

Everyone needs a laptop nowadays, particularly college grads who are seeking a job to fulfill their dreams. If you want to spend a few more dollars on a grad gift, then a laptop or notebook is a fabulous choice. You can choose from a number of laptop models and brands that will suit the grad’s needs and preferences. Whether you opt for a lightweight or smaller laptop or something larger and feature-rich, you can surely find the right one as you browse through stores.

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4. Foreign language classes

In this tough economy, most college grads face the challenging job market. With increased competition and high unemployment rates, it makes sense to improve one’s skill to gain a competitive edge over other job applicants. One of the best ways to make a person marketable to employers is by signing up and completing functional short courses that are relevant to his field. You may give language lessons or a GMAT review course, depending on the job that a college grad is hoping to get.

3. Digital Camera

Many graduates would love to keep pleasant experiences in their memory for as long as they live – their first job interview, first career, first country to visit after graduation, and several other firsts in their life. Thus, another excellent grad gift that you can give is a digital camera. If you wish, you may give the camera before his big day, so he can use it to capture the remarkable moment at graduation. Just make sure you check the specs of the camera, so it is something that will suit the person’s needs.

2. Smartphone

Smartphones are equipped with the latest features such as GPS navigation and quick email access, just to name a few. These smartphones are also very handy and lightweight, so they can always bring it wherever they go. With the functionalities of most smartphones available these days, any college grads will find these useful as they go job-hunting or go to a scheduled job interview. There are also amazing apps included, which let them locate various places they have in mind or check their bank accounts even when they are on the go.

1. Money

A practical gift for a college grad is money, and it is something that can add to their life savings or may be used to buy essential things. You may add a another item to go with some cash such as an inspirational book or a nice leather wallet.

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