Top 10 Best Window Cleaning Supplies Reviews in 2021

There are plenty of choices available to you when shopping for window cleaning supplies, as is the case with most household items. Unfortunately, many of window cleaning supplies out there are downright mediocre, which means you will most likely end up visiting the store several times to replace a broken or ineffective window cleaning item. Here, we have listed the top-ten window cleaning supplies that can help you do a satisfying window cleaning job and enjoy the length of service such a product should bring with it.


10. Ettore Window Cleaning Soap



This window cleaning soap is a professional cleaning formula that will deliver great results and deal with most window cleaning issues such as tough stains caused by grease, grime and so forth. This product is also bio-degradable, and ensures no streaks are left after the cleaning job.

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9. Ettore Products Window Wand



This product consists of a wand, a squeegee, and a scrubber that should make window cleaning much easier. The pole offers incredible cleaning convenience, and the added accessories make this item a complete package for window cleaning tasks, especially when dealing with hard to reach windows.

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8. 3M Scotch-Brite No-Scratch Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponge



With plenty of window cleaning sponges to pick from, getting the right kind can be quite difficult. But, with this sponge, you will have gotten exactly what you need. This sponge is just the right size, does not scratch, and is also quite durable.

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7. Ettore Complete Ultimate Window Cleaning Kit



A lot of things are needed for window cleaning tasks – squeegees, bucket, cleaning solution, tips on how to do a great job, and so forth – something this product adequately takes care of. This complete window cleaning set saves you the trouble of having to shop for each window cleaning item individually. The best part is that the package consists of high-quality items.

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6. Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloth



With this mopping cloth, cleaning your windows couldn’t be easier. This window cleaning cloth comes complete with dirt-absorbing cleansers that will get all the dirt on your windows including tough stains, and that’s not all – this wet cloth will also leave a nice scent on your windows so that they will be left smelling fresh.

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5. E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack



This simplistic cleaning product offers a unique window cleaning experience. For one, it does not leave streaks, which makes it ideal for window cleaning. The cloth also leaves the windows sparkling without the need to use powerful cleaning agents. The stain removal power of this cloth is also quite remarkable.

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4. Clorox Glass Wipes



Clorox Glass Wipes introduce an great concept to window cleaning by creating wipes that can make window cleaning less demanding than it usually is. This product consists of several wipes that can be used to clean and shine windows. Additionally, it dries fast, which makes it ideal for quick cleaning jobs. The wipes do not leak either, which means you do not have to dress up to clean your windows as you normally would when using soap and water.

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3. Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottle



It may be just an empty spray bottle, but what it has to offer is unparalleled by most of its kind. This bottle is tinted, durable, and resistant to corrosive cleaning agents that render most cleaning bottles useless. Additionally, you can use this bottle with compounds that react to the sun’s UV light, since it offers UV light protection. Of course, its effectiveness in dispensing cleaning solutions is what best describes its broad appeal as a window cleaning supply.

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2. Stoner 92194 Invisible Glass



This window cleaning product promises to make glass invisible, a reputation it respectably holds up to, considering the many positive reviews it has received from users. In addition to packing more power than most window and glass cleaners, this cleaning agent is made without the use of dyes, scents, foams and even soaps. One of its main selling points, however, is that it can deal with most dirt that windows attract, which is why it is a top-rated window cleaning supplies.

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1. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee



There is a reason why this simple window cleaning item has been highly rated by nearly two thousand people on Amazon in a space that has plenty of competitors – it works. In addition to being durable, flexible, lightweight, and affordable, the OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee can handle the delicate task of cleaning a window and ensure superb results. The squeegee’s handle is also especially designed for ergonomic comfort, and the price is quite enticing.

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Just to conclude, you should not buy any window cleaning supply you come across. Getting the very best can make a world of difference. Many products fail to deliver on what they promise. But, at least, with the supplies listed here, you can rest assured you will enjoy genuine quality and satisfaction from your purchase. The good thing is that these products can be bought online, so, you do not have to worry about your local store not having them in stock the next time you pay them a visit.